I General Rules

1.Welcome to the App of CLEVER DOG (hereinafter referred to as “product”).

2.This product is developed and maintained by Shenzhen CYLAN Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “CYLAN” or “We”).

3.The term of “user” or “you/your” in this Agreement is referred to any individual or organization that has registered, logged in or used this product.

4.This Agreement aims to illustrate matters related to services provided by the product. The “services” herein include all features of our product and relevant services specified herein. We insist that you should read carefully and understand fully this “User Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) before using the product.

5.Please read carefully and choose to accept or refuse to accept this Agreement. Unless you accept all provisions of this Agreement, or you will not be entitled to register, log in or use any services related to this Agreement. Your conduct of registration, login or use should be deemed as an acceptance of this Agreement and consent to be bound with provisions of this Agreement.

6.This Agreement can be updated by CYLAN at any time. Once released publicly, the renewed agreement will replace the old one. The user can check the latest version of the agreement via the product, and CYLAN will not inform users of such kind of update. After CYLAN is modification of the Agreement, if the user refuses to accept the modified provisions, please stop using the product immediately. The continued use of the product is regarded as an acceptance of the modified agreement.

II Use of Services

1.CYLAN offers real-time video services for you to see and communicate with your loved ones and places at any time by means of Internet private video streaming.

2.Even for access to basic services such as video watching, you need to register an account. Log in the product with your user account, and you will be free to enjoy features and services of the product.

3.Without permission, please do not use accounts of other users. When you register an account, make sure to provide accurate, real and complete information. You must hold responsible for what you do with your account and keep your password private. If any security problem arises concerning your account or the account is found being used by any person other than you without your permission, please contact CYLAN immediately. We will provide you with relevant solutions, but we will have no liability for any loss incurred by others using your account without permission.

4.The offer of your telephone number to CYLAN indicates that you agree to receive messages related to the product, including but not limited to any notice required by the Law. We may also send other kinds of messages to this telephone number, such as updates or special offers of the product.

5.All services of the product can be altered or canceled by CYLAN who is entitled to suspend services unilaterally for any reason or without reason. We may notify the user in advance or simply make no notification. CYLAN offer no guarantee that no services will be suspended, delayed or undelivered. Please be fully informed of afore-mentioned situations before using the product. Nevertheless, we will make our best to minimize the possibility of breakdown of the product.

6.You will be fully responsible for any of your interactions with other CYLAN users. CYLAN reserves the right to monitor the occurrence of disputes between you and other users but has no obligation for any such occurrence. For your interactions with other users, or action or inaction of any user, CYLAN will not take any responsibility.

III User Content

1.Our services allow users to share videos (that is, your video content) and may also allow the release of feedback and other information (collectively known as “user content”). You must hold responsible for all user content you upload and make public via the product as well as other content or conduct you release or make when using the product. You know and acknowledge that we are only playing a passive docking role, to give you a channel to distribute and release your user content on the Internet. You understand and agree that even we have taken reasonable security measures to protect access to your user content, we cannot guarantee that the user content will be kept under absolute confidentiality or will not be disclosed. You are willing to assume all the consequences that may be caused by leakage of your user information, for which however we will take no responsibility.

2.Your user content should carry no virus, adware, web crawler or other malicious code. Your user content includes, but not limited to, video or audio content. You confirm, clarify and guarantee that you are authorized or permitted as required (including but not limited to a permission from an individual user described in the user content) to record and transmit user content described and involved in this Agreement, for ease of use.

3.Your user content should not run counter to local laws, regulations, history, customs and traditions. Otherwise, we shall have the right to report or submit your user content and personal information to the local authority concerned.

IV Clause of Privacy

1.We respect and protect the privacy of users. Without your express consent, we will not rent or sell your personal information for marketing purposes of any third party.

V Security Assurance

We have adopted commercially reasonable technologies and management techniques, to protect your personal information and user content and to avoid accidental loss or unauthorized access, use, modification and disclosure. However, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not break the security system and make use of your personal information and user content for improper purposes. You promise that you will take full responsibility for any risk of your personal information and user content provided.

VI Ownership of Property

1.In addition to your user content, CYLAN retains full ownership of services and information attached to this Agreement, including but not limited to software, images, texts, charts, diagrams, logos, patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, photos, audio, videos, music and user content, as well as other related intellectual properties. Users are strictly prohibited from using service-related content and information not expressly granted by this Agreement for any purpose; otherwise, you shall be liable for all the consequences arising therefrom.

2.You may choose or be invited by us to make comments or suggestions on our services, including but not limited to topics on how to improve our services or products and the like (hereinafter referred to as “comments and suggestions”). The submission of your comments or suggestions indicates that you agree to offer free information at free will and you will impose no faith-related obligation or other obligations on CYLAN; that we are free to adopt any suggestion without additional compensations to you; and that we has no obligation to disclose this suggestion under non-confidential situations, or even to make it public.

3.All graphics, texts or content formed by them, as well as other CYLAN logos, products and service names are trademarks of CYLAN (hereinafter referred to as “CYLAN identifiers”). Without prior written consent of CYLAN, the user must not exhibit, use or deal with CYLAN identifiers in any forms and must not express to others that you have the right to exhibit, use or deal with CYLAN identifiers. If you violate this agreed provision and cause the loss of CYLAN by misusing CYLAN identifiers, you shall assume responsibility for all the consequence.

VII Liability and Disclaimer

1.If the user acts against this Agreement or relevant terms of service and cause or incur a third party’s damage claim, request or loss, including reasonable attorney fees, the user consents herein to undertake all the responsibility. For the loss incurred to CYLAN or its cooperative partners or affiliate companies, the user agrees to make compensation.

2.CYLAN and its cooperative partners and affiliate companies assume no responsibility for loss incurred to the user due to the communication line failure, technical issue, networking problem, computer breakdown, and system instability of a third party such as the telecoms department, or other kinds of force majeure.

3.In case of technical failures or other kinds of force majeure that affect the normal functioning of services, CYLAN and its operative partners promise to cooperate with relevant departments without delay and address the occurring problem in time to avoid the consequent loss of the user. However, CYLAN and its cooperative partners assume no responsibility.

4.Similar to most Internet services, this product is affected by different factors including but not limited to reasons of the user, Internet service problems, social environment, or may be invaded or harassed by various kinds of security problems. For instance, information of the user is utilized by others, causing troubles in the real life of the user; the user downloads other software or visits other websites that contain “Trojan horse” or other viruses that threaten the computer information and data security of the user, this affecting the normal use of services. The user should increase his/her awareness of information security and data protection and attach importance to password protection, so as to avoid loss or harassment.

5.The user should understand that due to the nature of Internet services, the use of the product is likely to be affected by all kinds of instable factors. Therefore, the product involves the risk of service suspension or failure in meeting the user’s needs caused by force majeure, computer virus or hacker attacks, system instability, user location, user power-off, as well as other technical glitches and networking and communication line problems. The user must bear the risk above-mentioned, and CYLAN makes no relevant guarantee. For situations where the user cannot use the product normally, CYLAN will assume no responsibility.

6.The user must understand the possible presence of risks in the use of the product, including threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal content or behavior from any others or anonymous or pseudonymous information that infringe on others’ rights (including intellectual property). The user should bear the aforementioned risk, and CYLAN and its cooperative companies make no guarantee of any kind for services of the product, either explicitly or implicitly, including implied warranties for information authenticity, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, intellectual rights and non-infringement. For direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential damages caused by the incurring improper or illegal use of services, CYLAN and its cooperative partners shall assume no responsibility.

VIII Others

1.Minors should read this agreement with the accompaniment of a legal guardian.

2.The invalidity of some or all of the provisions specified herein will not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

3.Copyrights of this Agreement are reserved for Shenzhen CYLAN Technology Co., Ltd. that retains all rights for interpretation and modification.