Clever Dog Smart DoorBell Wireless®User Guide

1. Install APP

Scan the QR code to download the application quickly or go to the App store Search “Clever Dog”from Google play or App store to download and install.

2. Registration and login in APP

Open the client and click “New User”to register; if you had one, click “Login”

3. Add device

Enter into Homepage, click “+”and choose “Doorbell”, and follow the APP page tips to complete the operation.

4. Connect to device

System settings -->click "WLAN" and choose "DOG-******" to connect, enter the code 11111111; Then back to the Client and click "Next".

5. Set WiFi

6. Call and use

7. Installation Instructions

a. Fix the doorbell wall bracket on the wall by screws.

b. Align the doorbell to the wall bracket,then push up to fix it.

c. Fix the bottom screw of the doorbell.

Tips: If you buy waterproof shell, please install the waterproof shell, no need to install the wall bracket. Please watch the video.

8. Smart Doorbell Specification

9. Indoorbell Specification

10. Indoorbell

a. Put AA batteries in the groove.

b. Installation methods: to lie flat or hang.

c. This product is only applicable for Dangdang Smart Doorbell now, not available for other brands doorbell.

11. How to Use

a. Please use the indoor bell with the outdoor bell

(1). Press the “Volume”and “Music”key at the same time, and press the “Calling”key which matches the outdoor bell when LED light quick flashes. LED light is off and bell rings means matching done.

(2). When press the “Calling”key of outdoor bell, the cellphone and indoor bell will ring together.

b. Guide

(1). Music select: Press “Music”key to select the one you like and matches it with the outdoor bell. 16 music clips for choosing so far, unable to add or reduce music for now.

(2). Volume control: Press the volume key to adjust the volume size.

(3). To unpair indoor bell with outdoor bell: Long press the“Music”key till LED light flashing and voice alarm (> 5 s).